RainBird™ Irrigation Systems

RainBirdGet a World-Class Irrigation System for Your Home or Business

Irrigation System Rain Bird is the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products. Rain Bird irrigation systems are installed on farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes all over the world.  Now, you too can have a reliable Rain Bird irrigation system for your home, business, or property through Landscapes and More’s top quality design, installation and maintenance services.


Landscapes and More can design an irrigation system specifically for your property. From the calculation of water usage to the proper irrigation head type needed, Landscapes and More installs all parts of the project including placement and installation of controls and timers.


We service all types of irrigation systems, including Rain Bird, and can provide all types of  repairs.   We provide complete irrigation services, including start up and winterization.

Water Management

Need to find a better way to manage your water use? We can work with you to plan, develop, distribute, and optimize your water resource usage.

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